Ashley + Johnny

February 13, 2018

Happy Love Day!

Happy early Valentines Day!! Now, we aren’t a household that really celebrates this holiday. We believe you should show love to the ones you care about year round! And really we should be spreading love to everyone, everyday! But that doesn’t mean we can’t go a little crazy over all the heart shaped things that are infesting our lives this time of year!! I even seen heart shaped pizza’s at a local pizza pizza, I mean if that’s not a true love story come true, I’m not sure what is! 

Now I tried something new this year, I wanted to do valentines mini’s. I had seen some inspiration on instagram and thought I would give it a go! But with lack of time and planning on my part, and schedule complications, it didn’t work out. But I did manage to co-erce my sister and her boyfriend into being some models for me! So these heart shaped balloons didn’t go to complete waste this year! HOWEVER, I am planning to do some spring mini’s as soon as all this snow starts to melt away! So be on the look out for that!

Until then, enjoy this beautiful couple and buy all the things heart shaped! I mean heart shaped pizza and donuts?! That doesn’t happen every day! Indulge in some love, and remember that everyone deserves a little love in their life. So be nice.  We never know what the people around us might be going through!


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