Helen + Pete

September 28, 2016


Spencer's Gorge Couples Session

 Hey all! Guess what!? This past weekend I had two sessions and one of them happened to my cousins! Helen and Pete aren’t engaged but who said you have to be engaged to have a couples session!? This to were great to work with and not only because Helen is my cousin! They were so daring and adventurous! They were also kind enough to offer to hold my camera while I used both hands to climb back up the rocks!! Thanks you two!!

This was also my first time visiting Spencer’s Gorge in Hamilton. Hamilton is the home of many water falls and we were privileged enough to see two of them at this session. Now don’t imagine a huge water fall like Niagara Falls because you’ll over excite yourself! These were quite small but gorgeous falls settled in the gorge of Hamilton. Now we didn’t get any photo’s of the falls because our view was limited and there was no way to climb down easily with my career and life savings in my hand!

I will definitely have to take another trip to the gorge and update you all with some more photographs! Until then I hope you enjoy these!! Thanks again Helen and Pete for an awesome evening!

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