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April 21, 2016


A Winter Wheat Engagement

I can’t believe the crazy weather we are having right now!? I mean one day we have Snow and winter. Then the next few days are sunny and warm! Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the warmth and I think we’ve actually had a fairly warm winter. I just think Ontario weather can be so strange…I’m sure God is just trying to remind us who is really in control! Sometimes He just does it in humorous ways!

Anyways back to the point of this blog post! On Sunday, April the 17, my husband and I met an amazing couple who are getting married this fall. We met them at Winter Wheat Ltd. in Aylmer, Ontario. It was a bright, sunny and warm afternoon. The location was in a small patch of woods and it sure had some unique details to remember! If you haven’t been there and are from the area, be sure to check it out! It’s free to get in and I’m sure kids (and probably even adults!) would love it! We had an awesome time capturing their engagement photos and can’t wait to capture their Wedding moments as well.

Thank you Nellie + Dave for a wonderful Sunday afternoon and I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into your engagement gallery!

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