Jen + Tony

May 18, 2017

Apply Orchard Engagement

Okay guys, I love the summer. I love the heat. But one thing I don’t love…is no Central Air! This will be our third year with no AC! Hopefully that will change soon! But enough about my personal dilemmas, I want you all to meet Jen and Tony. This sweet couple wrestled with the wind and sun at their Sunset engagement session at an Apple Orchard on Sunday evening. They tackled it all with grace and elegance and I am so excited to share some of their images!

We spent the evening laughing and joking with one another, which a blessing in this line of work! I could tell they were a couple who love to laugh!! And I love working with couples who laugh a lot and aren’t afraid to joke around! It makes the session fun and relaxed!

Although I only got to know Jen and Tony for the first time on Sunday, I feel like I’ve known them for a while. I am so excited for their wedding this September! I am so glad I met the both of you. My prayer for you is that your wedding planning will go smoothly and remember to lean on the Lord through it all. Your wedding will be beautiful and I cannot wait to capture all your moments for you!!

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