Mary + Nathan

June 8, 2017

Backroad Engagement Session

My third back to back session this weekend almost got rained out, but we managed to by pass the storm and were able to meet up with Mary and Nathan. And I am so glad we did! Because Mary showed up all dressed up and looking beautiful and the locations really made the couple stand out!! As they arrived at our house, they followed us down the road to a small wooded grass area with a ton of wild flowers growing. It truly was beautiful!

Now Mary and Nathan were both really nervous to get their pictures taken, however you’d never be able to tell because they totally rocked their session! I love genuine laughter in images, so when I seen them both laugh in one of the first poses, I knew it was going to be a good session! You both have amazing smiles!! And you both did amazing at your session, and I’m not just saying that either!

Our second location was a few minutes down the road at a beautiful field which I want to say was a rye field, but I’m no farmer so I could be wrong! I have to say the second location just blew me away! It was so simple yet beautiful! It drew your attention to the couple with no distractions! Don’t get me wrong, the wooded area was stunning to, but there’s something about the simplicity of the field that just pulled me in!

Thank you again, Mary and Nathan, for a wonderful evening! Sorry for keeping you out so long and hope you enjoyed your evening dinner afterwards!

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