Sydney + Jake

January 8, 2018

A Close To Home Proposal

I know this post has been a long time coming…I admit this should have been up months ago. Now I could make excuses and they would be logical but they are just that…excuses. So without further ado, I would like to proclaim with excitement that…my cousin is GETTING MARRIED!!!! I am so happy for my cousin Jake and his fiancé Sydney! They got engaged last year November, which is actually only 2 months ago, but to me that seems like ages ago already!

I got to be there for it all! I got to hide behind a small shed, while my amazing cousin got down on one knee and asked Sydney to be his forever and only!! And I should have posted this post that same week! I let the hustle and bustle of work get in the way, and I let my burn out of exhaustion get in the way…and for that I am sorry you two! You both deserve this post! it was your time to shine on my blog and I let you down…so I ask for forgiveness and a whole lot of grace! Even though I don’t deserve it!

These two are an incredible couple!! And I am so glad I get to welcome Sydney into the family!! You might have thought that you were just getting Jake’s immediate family but you are getting the whole package! Cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole thing! Now I am not entirely sure if that is a good thing for you, but we are happy to call you family!! Before I ramble on too much, I would like to introduce the future Mr. and Mrs. Wall!!

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