Having a family is an amazing blessing from God. But our definition is much different then God’s definition. It isn’t just the ones through blood that we call brother or sister. When you become a child of God it is everyone who is washed in the Blood of Christ. Whether you have two kids, teach Sunday School to other children or if your on the mission field serving children and people all over the world. You have someone to call family, and you always have God to call Father.

If you want to cherish this life you celebrate with loved ones, please contact me today about how I can help ┬ámake that happen. This life we live is a short one and it’s not the destination. Heaven is our destination so hold steadfast to Him and your brothers and sisters in Christ. Make memories together and glorify the One who gave us all life. May we always praise and honour Him. I hope to serve Christ by serving you, my clients. The ones who want to hold on to these memories and to remind them that God is so so good. He is an amazing Father and when you hang up an image on your wall you will see just a glimpse of what He has blessed you with.

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“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” – Philipians 4:13