January 31, 2017

One Year Young | Cake Smash

Meet our dear friends little girl, Adalyn. She turned one on January 2nd this year!! I can’t believe how fats they grow! I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that Margaret and Pete announced their pregnancy!! Can’t believe my sisters little guy is turning one in a couple of weeks as well!! Am I the only one who feels like I have lost months of my life?!

Congratulations Pete and Margaret!! Your little girl is growing up! You have seen her take her first steps, heard her say her first word and have seen her have her first love! Which is you guys!! No matter who comes and goes in her life, you two will be the ones that will be there no matter what. She will come to you when she gets her first A in school or when she graduates and is trying to pick out a college. You will be there through the good times and for the tough times.

I heard a few days ago from my beloved sister, that a parents entire job is to ensure their children become independent and learn to rely more and more on themselves. Their sole purpose is to encourage them to lean less on them. I’m sure it’s hard and you just want to hold your little girl and ensure she doesn’t grow up too fast. But I know you two will raise a strong and faithful young woman.

I am so happy for you both, parenthood is a bittersweet experience. One I hope to experience one day as well! Live in every moment and see the joy in all the dirty diapers and potty training!

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