Anny + Henry

September 13, 2017


In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

 Now I must say even though I am not a newborn photographer, I just love the babes!!! Every tiny detail created by our Heavenly Father in the womb, they are loved before they even enter this world. And I can’t quite understand a mothers love or bond she has with her little ones, as I have never experienced this, but I know when that moment comes, it will be an awakening! And I will get an even better glimpse of how I am loved, not only by my own momma, but by my heavenly Father who created me.

Anny had contacted me about a month ago about doing a newborn session for her new little one to come. I was very hesitant and had actually said no at first…BUT! Then I had offered to do a lifestyle session, as I am not good with any of those funky baby poses. And I was still scared! she reassured her confidence in me and I only accepted because I knew her and she is a friend! So, no I am still not offering newborn sessions!

Regardless of my nerves walking into the session, it went really well! Again I am no pro when it comes to those wicked crazy baby posing I see on social media! I honestly do not know how they get the babes in those positions?!?! Anyways! I hope you all enjoy this sweet little families in home lifestyle session!

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