The Blatz Family

January 9, 2018

A Family Christmas Mini

Again I apologize for all the delayed blog posts! But I just had to share this sweet family! Even though this session took place a few months ago, I am so glad I got to meet the Blatz Family! From the many weddings I have attended, I’ve gotten to hear Dan Blatz give motivational marriage speeches. I’ve got to hear a beautiful ceremony from him for one of my amazing couples, Jen + Tony! And he might not know this, but he didn’t just impact the bride + groom or their guests, he impacted me. And most likely the other vendors who got to be there.

When I first got married I thought I had to always just show the good and pretend that marriage was always bliss. I was scared to show the trials and struggles, and to be honest I never knew exactly how hard marriage could be until I got married. It isn’t always easy but it is always worth it. And Dan, made the feelings of having to have a perfect marriage fade away. To be okay with the fact that marriage wasn’t always going to be bliss because it is made up of two sinners. So for that I want to thank him and this sweet family!

You may not always see the people you are impacting, but the truth is you are.

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