Tina + John

September 7, 2017

Family Session

For the first time in a long time I actually have an entire weekend off!! And it probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t booked it off for our 3rd anniversary!! That’s right! We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary next week and decided to celebrate by going up north and spending a few days in Tobermory! This sweet couple and their amazing family are also celebrating! They are celebrating 25 years of marriage!! Congrats Tina and John Redekop!!

I know this sweet family from church and didn’t really get to know them to well there but we ended up staying about an hour past the session just talking and catching up!! Sorry we made you guys miss the game! Both boys play baseball and don’t let this pretty momma fool you, because she’s a sports player as well! Alyssa, the only daughter of theirs, has some other interest…similar to mine actually! Netflix and chill. Ahhh, nothing beats the fall air, cuddled up in a blanket watching some Netflix!

I hope you all enjoy some of my favourites from this sweet family’s session! And now I am off to pack and get some house errands done before we hit the road tomorrow! stay up to date with our anniversary trip on Instagram, as I will probably be posting a lot of Instagram stories!! Till next time!


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