Christine + Mike

January 18, 2018

A Winter Maternity Session

I had an Instagram Giveaway before I left for holidays in December, and this beautiful mama was the lucky winner of that giveaway! Christine and I, are friends from back in College, and although we lost touch it was amazing to reconnect! Life gets so busy and we go through so many seasons, that those lost connections are bound to happen. But I am so happy to see her life growing with Mike and their new little addition coming soon!

It was another cold day, which meant a lot of breaks to blast the heat in our vehicles and warm up our toes! But in the end it was still amazing to reconnect with an amazing couple and see how their life has grown into the beginning of a new journey! Cold and all, it was great to see you again Christine! Your little one will have amazing parents, and i can say this confidently because you are an amazing person. A person who cares about others deeply. Your baby will learn how to love others by just watching you and Mike!

Thank you for all the crazy good times together and I can’t wait to see your life continue to grow!

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“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” – Philipians 4:13