Nancy + Neil

January 26, 2017

Waterworks Park Maternity Session

For the past two and a half years people have asked me when my husband and I are going to have a baby. If you’ve seen my house you would think they are crazy for asking me, since we still have open walls, hanging wires and no stair railing. It can become quite annoying hearing the same question time after time, but I may have just gotten baby fever from capturing Nancy and Neil’s maternity images! As if Cohen, my sister’s little guy, hadn’t gave me enough baby fever! I am now imagining myself with a little baby belly!

Well a baby won’t happen anytime soon at this house! As the walls and paint fumes don’t think it is the right time! but Nancy and Neil are on the road to becoming a little family!! These two are so sweet! And I know they will make amazing parents!! Amongst the baby talk, the chilly weather and hundreds of photos, we truly had a wonderful afternoon with Nancy and Neil. I often feel like my sessions are more less hanging out and getting to know new people! I love it!!

I am so excited for Nancy and Neil. You guys are too sweet and congratulations on your little one!! She is one lucky girl to have you as parents!!

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