Judy + Jake

June 21, 2016


Quai Du Vin Winery Wedding

Here it is!! My First wedding!! I am so thankful for Judy and Jake, for allowing me to capture their wedding moments!! I had such an amazing time with you all! I couldn’t have picked a better couple for my first wedding, you two were so kind and gracious!! And your wedding party was full of beautiful and wonderful people! And a big thank you to Quai Du Vin Estates for allowing us to take Family Formals and Wedding Party photos at their gorgeous winery!!

Judy and Jake had a beautiful wedding, filled with beautiful people. We started the day off with hair and makeup and made our way to the church to do the finishing touches as the girls got into their gorgeous dresses. Judy was so cute as she waited anxiously for the ceremony to start. I left the girls a few minutes before the ceremony so they could have some breathing time and so that I could be set up and prepared as Judy walked down the aisle. You are now forever no more a Guenter, but Mrs. Judy Friesen!! I am so happy for you two!! Marriage isn’t always sunshine and happiness but I know if you lean on God and trust in Him, you will want to fight for each others hearts. That is what love is. Putting someones heart and needs before your own. I can see you two truly care for one another heart.

I pray you two have safe travels home from your honeymoon and enjoy yourselves as you are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Friesen!!!

Hair// Laura from The Hair Stop

Makeup// Family Friend

Venue [Ceremony+Reception]// Sommerfeld Mennonite Church

Venue [Photos]// Quai Du Vin Estates Winery

Dress// Davids Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses// Brides mom handmade them!!

Flowers// De Vida Gardens

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