Allison + Jordan

AUGUST 15, 2017


Summer feels like it is just passing by and I’m not ready for it to go away! I love the summer sun, the warmth shining down and brining life to everything. It certainly brought life to Allison and Jordan’s backyard wedding this past weekend! We thought it was going to rain but God heard our prayers! And He even heard mine when I asked for some cloud coverage over the sun during the ceremony, so I could get some nice even light images! And it sure was a beautiful ceremony!

It didn’t stop there though! The evening was full of games, laughs and high energy! The groom and groomsmen were put to the test with strength when the MC’s had a game up their sleeve! They had to hold a plank position while the bride and bridesmaids had to scavenge some items from the guests. The first one with all the items won, and in this case it was the bride and groom! Way to go guys! You all held your strength quite well!!

The night would have not been complete if I had left before the dances! It started with a touching father daughter dance that led into the bride and grooms first dance. It was beautiful! You and friends and family did such an amazing job at decorating! I loved the lights strung from tree to tree! And of course the dance floor always ends with some crazy dance moves and a ton of laughs!

Thank you Allison and Jordan for allowing me to be a part of your wedding experience! It was truly an honour to be there! And thank you to all family and friends who made me feel so welcomed! That in itself is a blessing! I pray for safe travels for the newlyweds and a lot of R&R!!

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