Tia + Isaac

may 16, 2017

A Palace Theatre Wedding

I want to introduce you all to an amazing couple. Tia and Isaac tied the knot this past Saturday!! And they did so, at a place that holds very dear memories to both of them. The Palace Theatre in London had friends and family celebrating Tia and Isaac’s marriage all evening! Both Tia and Isaac volunteer at the theatre, so to them it is holds a lot of memories. And on Saturday, May 13th, they added one more memory to the list!!

I’ll be honest, I was quite nervous for this wedding! The ceremony and reception took place in a room with no windows. Now I’m not to keen on using External flashes, but I really pushed myself and practiced in the upcoming months to their big day!! I wanted to bring my best for Tia and Isaac, and the practice sure helped! It was a really neat experience to capture a wedding in a theatre!! Thank you for this amazing opportunity Tia and Isaac!

On their wedding day, they treated us more than just their photographers. They gave up moments of their wedding day to talk to us. And it wasn’t┬ájust a few seconds here and there. They actually cared to see how we were doing! It wasn’t just to give us a heads up about the next upcoming events on the agenda. They genuinely cared to talk to us and express their gratitude to have us there. We are so thankful to have bride and grooms who are so kind and compassionate as Tia and Isaac were. In this industry, there are some photographers who aren’t that fortunate.

Tia and Isaac, I want to extend that same kindness. I want you both to know how much we appreciate you and your kind hearts that you shared. Not only with friends and family on Saturday, but with us as well. So thank you! For all your kindness and gentleness! it doesn’t go unappreciated!!


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