Tina + Herman

September 22, 2016


A Waterworks Park Wedding

It was a rainy cold morning on Saturday but the getting ready room was full of laughs and butterflied stomachs! These girls were awesome to work with! Their silliness and kindness made the entire day fun and exciting! The girls even shared their lunch with me!! Thank you for those tamales!! Once the girls were all ready the excitement started to rise! Tina was so nervous, she couldn’t wait to meet Herman at the alter!!

I left the girls alone so they could have a moment of prayer alone. I headed off to the sanctuary to await their entrance. Everyone looked so stunning as they walked down the aisle! Herman’s face lit up once he seen Tina walking down the aisle beside her older brother. Tina was flooded with emotions!! It was a beautiful ceremony!

We headed off to Waterworks park in St. Thomas afterwards to get some wedding party photos done! After we were done with the wedding party, I pulled Herman and Tina off alone to get some Bride and Groom shots!! I love this location as it has a variety of backdrops to work with! At one moment I had called Tina, Herman’s wife and they were both a little shocked, in a good way though! Herman responded saying he liked the way that sounded!! I am so happy for you two!!

We ended the night sharing laughs with guests and having some amazing food! Thanks again Herman and Tina for a wonderful day and we can’t express how grateful we were to capture your day!!

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