Tina + Rick

OCTOBER 10, 2017


My best friend is married!!!! I still cannot believe it!! It feels so unreal!! I remember praying for a godly man to come into Tina’s life, and the day she met Rick, my prayers were answered! I am beyond happy for the both of them!! And you guys…this was the first time I actually cried at a wedding!! Now I am not a public cryer, so it wasn’t full on niagara falls on my face, but when I seen Tina, this beautiful soul, this amazing woman, walking down the aisle to create a covenant with Rick, I was overwhelmed with joy!

The night before, us girls stayed up late giggling about what tomorrow would bring, whilst watching Harry Potter of course! We were all so excited we could barely sleep!! The next morning, I woke to an amazing woman who cuddled me close as we chuckled about her getting married in only a few short hours!! Did I mention that she and I also arranged her flowers the morning of her wedding!?! Crazy right!?! But it all worked out!! And thanks to the amazing florals from Harris Flower Farm, we were able to create a beautiful bouquet!! After that the day seemed to fly by!! Before we knew it, the pastor announced them Mr. and Mrs. Rick Knelsen for the first time and they cheered through the crowd of

loved ones!!

We were anticipating rain in the forecast, but instead we were greeted with lots of sun and warmth! And I’m sure the groom and groomsmen weren’t expecting it either, as they braved the warm fall weather in their stylish grey suits!! Although the weather was unexpected, we had an afternoon full of laughs and lots of selfies!! And their wedding timeline was a photographer’s dream!! Guess it helps when your best friend is a photographer!! 😉

The night ended with some heartfelt and humorous speeches!! It was a

beautiful day,

celebrating two

beautiful people.

I woke Saturday morning with an amazing friend by my side, and I left her wedding gaining so much more! I pray for nothing but the best for the both of them! And I know hard times will come, as we don’t live in a perfect world, but when they do remember your vows to each other and to our Heavenly Father. He will always be there for you both! Love you guys! Safe travels home!!

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